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Rui Wang
Social Sciences Librarian/Professor

Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, Psychology, Neuroscience, Political Science, Public Administration, Military Science, and Official Representative of Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Office: Park Library 220

What is research literature and "peer reviewed?"

Research literature can be defined as written reports from research studies. There are many types of research literature, with published research articles representing the most common source for research literature. Other sources include dissertations, books, and internet websites.

Published research articles, for some, are considered the most trustworthy type of research literature. When identifying articles, it is most important to consider the origin of the work. For example, some published research literature articles have the added benefit of being peer reviewed. Peer review is a process whereby literature is read and reviewed by others, and the reviewers must deem the work to be worthy before it can be published. Typically, the reviewer does not know who the author(s) is and vice versa, a process known as a double-blind review that reduces undue reviewer bias.

Another important aspect to consider in regard to the origin of the work is who the author(s) is. In most areas of research, there are existing research literature articles written by authors who have published repeatedly in the area. Knowing who these authors are for a given area that is being investigated can assist researchers in identifying relevant research literature. Read more


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