SOC 323: Racism and Inequality: Journal Articles: Why and How


What is Research Literature

Research literature can be defined as written reports from research studies. There are many types of research literature, with published research articles representing the most common source for research literature. Other sources include dissertations, books, and internet websites.

Published research articles, for some, are considered the most trustworthy type of research literature. When identifying articles, it is most important to consider the origin of the work....Read more

The concept of a literature review is very much a plural rather than a singular one as there are many literatures a researcher must examine to produce a coherent literature review. For example, by doing qualitative research, the researcher is joining an ongoing debate in some shape or form. The originality of an idea, an approach, or a theoretical reinterpretation adds to existing literature. The objective of this entry is to describe the plurality of literature, to underline the difference between general and specific literatures, to highlight how to use theoretical literature as a tool to increase understanding of a subject area and test a research question or hypothesis, and to examine the methodology and data literatures that form important parts of the research process... ... Read more

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

How to read a journal article?

How to analyze a journal article?

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