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Other Publications (2000 - present by date)

Crockett, Jason L., Albert S. Fu, Joleen L. Greenwood, and Mauricia A. John. "Integrated Sociology Program Assessment: Inclusion of a Senior Portfolio Graduation Requirement." Teaching Sociology 46, no. 1 (01, 2018): 34-43. doi:

Senter, Mary Scheuer. "Integrating Program Assessment and a Career Focus into a Research Methods Course." Teaching Sociology 45, no. 2 (04, 2017): 131-141. doi:

Bandini, Julia Bandini,  Shostak, Sara, Cunningham, David & Cadge, Wendy. (2015): Assessing learning in a sociology department: what do students say that they learn?, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, DOI:10.1080/02602938.2015.1018132.

Munoz, Ed A., Angela M. Jaime, Deborah L. McGriff, and Adrian H. Molina. "Assessment of Student Learning: Estudios Chicana/o Cultivating Critical Cultural Thinking." Teaching Sociology 40, no. 1 (01, 2012): 34-49. doi:

Chin, Jeffrey, Mary Scheuer Senter, and Roberta Spalter-Roth. "Love to teach, but hate assessment?" Teaching Sociology 39, no. 2  (04, 2011): 120-126.

Pedersen, Daphne E. and Frank White. "Using a Value-Added Approach to Assess the Sociology Major." Teaching Sociology 39, no. 2 (04, 2011): 138-149. doi:

Hohm, Charles F. "Thirty Five Years of Viewing Sociology as an External Program Reviewer: A Dean’s Perspective on how Administrators View Sociology." The American Sociologist 39, no. 2-3 (09, 2008): 130-137. doi:

Hohm, Charles F. "Sociology in the Academy: How the Discipline is Viewed by Deans." Sociological Perspectives 51, no. 2 (Summer, 2008): 235-258. doi:

Sociology and General Education. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association, 2007.      (Assessment on p.35-43)

Moriarty, Laura J. "Investing in Quality: The Current State of Assessment in Criminal Justice Programs." Justice Quarterly: JQ 23, no. 4 (12, 2006): 409-427.

Jennings, Patricia K., Beth Rienzi, and Laramee Lyda. "ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING: A CASE STUDY." Teaching Sociology 34, no. 3 (07, 2006): 286-295.

Catherine, White Berheide. "SEARCHING FOR STRUCTURE: CREATING COHERENCE IN THE SOCIOLOGY CURRICULUM". Teaching Sociology 33, no. 1 (01, 2005): 1-15.

Finckenauer, James O. "The Quest for Quality in Criminal Justice Education." Justice Quarterly: JQ 22, no. 4 (12, 2005): 413-426.

Wagenaar, Theodore C. "Assessing Sociological Knowledge: A First Try" Teaching Sociology, 32, no. 2 (2004), 232-238.

Wagenaar, Theodore C. "IS THERE A CORE IN SOCIOLOGY? RESULTS FROM A SURVEY*." Teaching Sociology 32, no. 1 (01, 2004): 1-18.

Cappell, Charles L. and David H. Kamens. "Curriculum Assessment: A Case Study in Sociology." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 4 (10, 2002): 467-494.   The issue includes 6 articles which discussed assessment in sociology departments.

Weiss, Gregory L., Janet R. Cosbey, Shelly K. Habel, Chad M. Hanson, and Carolee Larsen. "Improving the Assessment of Student Learning: Advancing a Research Agenda in Sociology." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 1 (2002): 63-79.

Weiss, Gregory L. "The Current Status of Assessment in Sociology Departments." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 4 (10, 2002): 391.

Cameron, Jean, Tina Stavenhagen-Helgren, Philip Walsh, and Barbara Kobritz. "Assessment as Critical Praxis: A Community College Experience." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 4 (10, 2002): 414.

Wagenaar, Theodore C. "Outcomes Assessment in Sociology: Prevalence and Impact." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 4 (10, 2002): 403.

Keith, Bruce, Joseph LeBoeuf, Michael J. Meese, Jon C. Malinowski, Martha Gallagher, Scott Efflandt, John Hurley, and Charles Green. "Assessing Students' Understanding of Human Behavior: A Multidisciplinary Outcomes-Based Approach for the Design and Assessment of an Academic Program Goal." Teaching Sociology 30, no. 4 (10, 2002): 430-453.



  1. Most publications on the list are selected from the ASA journal Teaching Sociology. 
  2. Publications on the list are also selected by keywords searching "program assessment," "program evaluation, "sociology education," and "program review" from Sociological Abstracts.
  3. The list is limited to publications between 2000 and present.
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