SOC 502: Theories of Race Relations in Sociology: Course Assignments


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Course assignments


  •  Annotated Bibliography for class (20%). You will develop an annotated bibliography of 10 sources that will be shared with your classmates. It can be related to any of the ideas presented in class or addressed in the assigned readings. Annotations should be 5-7 sentences, provide a summary of the source and explain how it’s related to the organizing theme of the bibliography.  
  • Class Presentations and Participation (20%). Students will present summary of one assigned article for the week in rotation. Students will choose which week to present by the end of the first or second week.
  •  Final Project (20%). Students will be required to do a field study on a topic of their choosing on an issue which highlights how racial inequality manifests itself in society. Beyond the Classroom Experiences (10%), which means you have to use experiences of people on race issues beyond the classroom for your final project.

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Whereas a bibliography is a simple list of the sources used in your research, an annotated bibliography is a list of those sources plus a brief (typically around 150 words) summary and evaluation of each source. The annotation not only describes the content of the item but also provides the reader with an evaluation of the item's methods and/or conclusions and its usefulness to your research. Unlike an abstract (which is a simple summary), an annotation is descriptive and critical; it exposes the author's opinion of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the cited source.

There are two benefits of an annotated bibliography. The first is that it compels you, the researcher, to better understand your own research. In order to create the annotations, you have to thoroughly review your sources and be able to explain and form conclusions about them based upon your overall knowledge of the topic. Secondly, your annotations will help readers decide if a source will be useful to them in their own research.

The links below provide more detailed explanations of what an annotated bibliography is and which elements it should include, as well as examples of annotated bibliography entries.

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