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Importing to Mendeley Web

Mendeley Web allows you to access your saved research on the go (depending on how much of your data you decide to sync) and collect citations while browsing online databases.

The Web application also excels at creating citations while you are actively doing research by allowing you to use the Web Importer (the "Import To Mendeley" button installed in your browser’s bookmarks bar) to capture the citation of the article currently displayed in your browser.

Getting the "Import to Mendeley" Bookmarklet

  • Drag the button that says "Import to Mendeley" to the bookmarks menu or toolbar.

  • Importing Citation Info from a Database:With the "Web Importer" bookmarklet, you can pull citation information directly from academic article databases like Web of Knowledge or JSTOR, the university catalog. Google Scholar, or even commercial sites like Amazon.
  • Once a page or set of search results has been selected, click the "Import to Mendeley" bookmark and the citation information will be gathered and displayed in a pop-up window (as shown in the next section), so you can mark it for import into your Mendeley library.
  • Some databases or websites may have multiple ways of displaying information, Mendeley is usually only interactive with one of those (e.g. it interacts with the library's default catalog but not the older "Classic Catalog").
  • Or, on a computer with the desktop app, you can download the fulltext and merge the citation info from the database with the record for the file by selecting "File?Merge."

Import citations using the Web Importer tool

After you install the Web Importer in your browser's bookmark, it will remain there. You can use it while when you are on a page with multiple search results or on a page describing a single item.

On a search results page:

  • Click Import to Mendeley
  • If you are not alreadly logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  • A new window will appear, displaying on the search results and you can click the plus next to the ones you want to grab.

  • After doing, so you can also click Edit Tags and Notes to immediately add information to the imported citation including assigning it to a Folder/Collection.

On the page of a single item:

  • Click Import to Mendeley
  • If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  • A window will appear that confirms the was imported and giving you the option of adding tags and notes and/or assigning to a Folder/Collection.

Import some PDFs using the Web Importer tool

While the Web Importer tends to grab most citations well, it is very hit or miss on also ingesting the PDF.

A page on Mendeley’s website lists the Journal databases that Mendeley can extract PDFs from, but results have been varied even with these databases. It is recommended that you plan on doing PDF import from the desktop application.


Similarities Between Desktop and Web App

Other features that are similar to the desktop application:

  • Manually add citation (This is labeled Add Document but you are just adding information not a PDF).
  • Make Folders/Collections of citations and documents.
  • Edit citation.
  • Add tags to a citation.
  • Ability to quickly mark documents as Favorites or Read/Unread.


A free Mendeley account provides you with 500MB of space for your personal library documents and 500 MB for documents you share with other people. (You can purchase more space.) Because of this limitation, you may choose not to sync all the documents from your Mendeley Desktop to your Mendeley Web account.

These settings are controlled in the Mendeley Desktop application.

There is a Sync Library button in the Mendeley Desktop that will collect changes made in Mendeley Web and send changes to Mendeley Web.

Turning Syncing on and off can be done at the level of All Documents or per Folder/Collection. An Edit Settings button is visible when either All Documents or a Folder/Collection is selected; this allows you to toggle syncrhonization on and off.

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