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Reference Shift Helper: Systems

Links and information for Distance Librarians.


  • The voice mail for the Research Help desk phones (x3470 and x3244) go into the Library Reference folder in Outlook.
  • To check for messages, look at the Inbox.  These messages are not currently being forwarded into LibAnswers.
  • To set up the Library Reference folder in Outlook, see instructions under the Email tab.
  • Please delete messages once they've been addressed.

To connect to LibChat, log into LibAnswers and connect using either the toolbar option or the red "Go Online" button.

Loging into web mail (Office 365) for departmental email accounts:

Log into web mail (Office 365) using your own global ID.


To adjust SPAM Settings for departmental email boxes (enables spam rules to be followed at the server level).

  • Click Options/Mail.
  • Go to Mail/Automatic processing/Inbox and sweep rules.
  • Select the rule called Header contains '(*********'  -- (NOTE: the number of asterisks may vary depending on the setting)
  • Edit the rule by putting  (********* in the field.

In this example, there are 9 asterisks meaning that messages with a spam score of 9 or higher will trigger this rule.  9 is equal to the nominal spam setting.  A message with one (or zero) stars * is probably not junk, while a message with twenty stars ******************** almost definitely is junk.  So this rule would catch only those messages with a spam score of 9 or higher.  

To reduce the number of spam messages, lower the number of asterisks, but be aware that the lower settings are more likely to catch messages that are not really spam.

  • Save the edited rule.


To add the Library Reference calendar in Outlook:

1.       Go to your Outlook calendar

2.       Click the Open Calendar icon on the top nav bar

3.       Select From Address Book in drop down

4.       Enter Library Reference in search box

5.       Double click it in list and hit OK

To add the Library Reference calendar to the web version of Office 365 Outlook Calendar.

Log into web mail and open your calendar 

1.    Right-click in the navigation pane where you see Other calendars. Or, touch and hold if you’re using a touch device.

2.    Choose Open calendar.

3.    To add a calendar that belongs to someone in your organization, in the From directory box, type in Library Reference.  After you type the name, choose Open to add the calendar.  

Google/YouTube Account

is:

pw: libservice

New sign-in info (1/4/2018)

pw: P@$$wordLibWeb

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