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Physics Book Subject Headings

QB1-991 Astronomy
   QB1-139 General
   QB140-237 Practical and spherical astronomy
   QB275-343 Geodesy
   QB349-421 Theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics
   QB455-456 Astrogeology
   QB460-466 Astrophysics
   QB468-480 Non-optical methods of astronomy
   QB495-903 Descriptive astronomy
   QB980-991 Cosmogony. Cosmology

QC1-999 Physics
   QC1-75 General
   QC81-114 Weights and measures
   QC120-168.85 Descriptive and experimental mechanics
   QC170-197 Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
   QC221-246 Acoustics Sound
   QC251-338.5 Heat
   QC350-467 Optics. Light
   QC474-496.9 Radiation physics (General)
   QC501-766 Electricity and magnetism
   QC770-798 Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
   QC801-809 Geophysics. Cosmic physics
   QC811-849 Geomagnetism
   QC851-999 Meteorology. Climatology

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