ENG 201H: Intermediate Composition: A Short Bibliography of Helpful Resources

This online resource guide has been prepared for Dr. Marcy Taylor's ENG 201H: Intermediate Composition class, Fall 2012. URL: https://libguides.cmich.edu/eng201h_intermediatecomposition

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Some Helpful Articles

Frith, Jordan et al. “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our BrainsYou Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto.” Journal of Communication 61.1 (2011): E9–E12.

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Ian. "Russell's Practice of Science Vs. His Picture of Science and its Place in Liberal Education." Inquiry: Critical Thinking across the Disciplines 20.2 (2001): 36-44.

Kilov, Andrea M. et al. “Can Teenagers with Traumatic Brain Injury Use Internet Chatrooms? A Systematic Review of the Literature and the Internet.” Brain Injury 24.10 (2010): 1135–1172.

Pascarella, Ernest T., et al. "How Robust are the Findings of "Academically Adrift"?" Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 43.3 (2011): 20-4.

 Richardson, Paul W. "Reading and Writing from Textbooks in Higher Education: A Case Study from Economics." Studies in Higher Education 29.4 (2004): 505-21.

Roksa, Josipa, and Richard Arum. "The State of Undergraduate Learning." Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 43.2 (2011): 35-8.

Schneider, Alison. "Stanley Fish, as a College Dean, Makes a Big Splash and Spares no Expense." Chronicle of Higher Education 46.22 (2000): 1-A16.

Voyat, Gilbert. “Open Education and the Embodiment of Thinking, Reading, and Writing.” ADE Bulletin 6 (1975): 6-10.

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