MGT 499: Strategic Management: Company Information & Profiles


Public Companies

Tickers symbols are a great way to search for firm information. Use your firm’s ticker symbol to locate firm-specific content.  

Tickers symbols for Term Project Firms:

Apple = AAPL

Amazon = AMZN

Best Buy = BBY

Exxon Mobile = XOM

Ford = F

General Electric = GE

Netflix = NFLX

Starbucks = SBUX

Tesla = TSLA

Walmart = WMT

Detailed Company Profiles

Stock Symbols

If your company is public, look up its stock symbol here.  You can use the stock symbol to more easily look up information on your company.

Company Websites

Google Web Search

Often you can find financial data (including annual reports) online on the company website.  However, it's not usually found on the public-facing web page, which is usually intended for sales.  Search for your company's website and see if you find a link that says something like Inc., Investors or Investor Relations, Company Information, or Corporate Information; if your company is nonprofit, check for the label About Us.  This link is usually somewhere in the footer of the public website (or sometimes in the header or left-side navigation) and will take you to the website for the company's shareholders or donors.

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