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Library of Congress Classification

Collections, Critical Editions: M1-5

M1 - Anthologies

M2 - Collections by two or more composers (Historical Sets or Monuments)

M3 - Collected works of individual composers

M3.1 - Selection

M3.5 - First editions

Instrumental Music: M5-1490

M5-190 - Solo instruments

M191-990 - Chamber music

M1000-1160 - Orchestra

M1200-1270 - Band

M1350-1366 - Jazz

M1376-1420 - Instrumental music for children

M1450 - Dance (ballet, folk)

M1470-1480 - Aleatory, electronic, with color

Vocal Music: M1495-2199

M1495 - Collections

Secular vocal music: M1497-1998

     M1528-1529.5 - Vocal chamber music

     M1530-1609 - Choruses

Sacred vocal music: M1999-2199

     M1999 - Collections

Subject Headings for Scores

Below is a list of selected subject heading examples for scores that you can use as a guide when searching:

Band music – Scores

Orchestra music – Scores

Chamber orchestra music – Scores

String orchestra – Scores

Musicals – Vocal scores with piano

Masses – Vocal scores

Concertos (Saxophone with band)


Other Sources for Online Musical Scores



Full score: complete composition with each part displayed on separate staff

Conductor's score: full score of sufficient size to be read by a conductor

Miniature score (study score, pocket score): size reduction of a full score generally for study purposes

Condensed score (particella): principal instrumental parts printed usually two to four staves to provide basic melodies and harmony, with instrumentation shown by exact indications within staves

Performance score (playing score): full score intended for use in place of a part during performance, usually used by a pianist in chamber music; not intended for scholarly study, may not discuss editorial decisions

Score and parts: usually for chamber music, contains score and all parts issued together

Parts: music issued for a single instrument or voice

Piano reduction (piano score): full orchestration reduced for keyboard with a separate staff for the soloist; also an orchestra score reduced to a piano version

Vocal score (piano vocal score, organ vocal score): separate lines for vocal soloist and chorus with reduced instrumental accompaniment

Chorus score: choral parts are displayed with no accompaniment or accompaniment reduced for keyboard

Close score: used for vocal music, puts all vocal parts on two staves


Definitive edition, critical edition, scholarly edition: intended as a scholarly, authoritative source based from primary sources and the composers intent; contains commentary to explain editorial differences and explanation

Complete edition/works, collected edition/works, Gesamtausgabe, sämtliche Werke, opera omnia: considered critical or scholarly, typically published in multiple volumes

Historical edition/set, monument, Denkmal: critical edition that includes compositions by various composers that are somehow connected 

Urtext edition: originally meant to be free of editorial intervention, it now often contains editors' reconstructions of composers' original texts

Facsimile: photographic reproduction or original manuscript or print copy

Practical edition: intended for performance, omits historical and critical notes

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