18th Distance Library Services Conference: Pre-Conference Workshops

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference workshops will be held on Wednesday, April 11. There is no charge to attend a workshop; however, attendance will be limited to provide for an active learning environment. To reserve a space in a workshop, please contact the Conference Coordinator by Monday, April 9.

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January 8 - February 18, 2018

February 19 - April 2, 2018

April 11-13, 2018

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Building Online Scenarios for Library Instruction 
Shannon Johnson, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

Online scenario based instruction can provide a way for librarians to access the critical thinking skills and user thought processes of students by having them "choose their own adventure" as they navigate through an information need. Similar to simulations used in many clinical programs, scenario software can provide a mechanism for students to engage in a real world situation without the risk or stress associated with an assignment. Scenarios can provide point by point feedback on each step of the process, coaching the student through their various options, with results appearing and adapting based on their choices. Participants in this workshop will discuss the potential for this type of instruction, both for distance students and staff training, and will engage in a group activity to develop an outline for their own online scenario. Various software options will be discussed and participants will leave with a toolkit for creating their very first online scenario.

Audience: New to the topic

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn about scenario based instruction and be able to access it's potential for their IL program. 
  • Participants will be able to plan and outline an online scenario in a "choose your own adventure" style.  

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: Instruction, Technology & Tools

Building Your Toolkit for Copyright Confidence (Handout)
Anali Perry, Lisa Kammerlocher, Justin Harding
Arizona State University

Copyright and licensing course materials can create fear, uncertainty and doubt as you make decisions about content needed to achieve learning objectives. Build your toolkit by strengthening your knowledge of fair use justifications and Creative Commons (CC). With the right tools, librarians can guide online course developers to the selection of the best course content. This workshop introduces fair use, presents exercises for building a fair use case using common scenarios, provides an overview of creative commons licenses and applies strategies for locating CC-licensed materials.

Audience: New to the topic

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the four factors of fair use and apply fair use guidelines to common scenarios encountered in online course development.
  • Interpret creative commons licenses and employ key strategies for finding open materials meet specific learning objectives.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: Intellectual Property & Copyright, Open Educational Resources

Disrupting the LMS: Critical Approaches to Online Learning
Reed Garber-Pearson, University of Washington
Chelsea Nesvig, University of Washington Bothell

​Don’t fall into the LMS pedagogy trap! Join us for an experimental conversation on how learning management systems inform, inhibit, and systematize student learning in online courses. Through guided group activities we’ll develop language to disrupt online learning structures, experiment with techniques of empowering students within and beyond your institution’s LMS, and explore approaches to active learning in a digital environment. Together we’ll ask and answer questions about online pedagogy to create a learning community that will generate a host of practical strategies for empowering learners.

Audience: Some experience in the topic

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate how the design and structure of their institution’s learning management system informs their own teaching methods.
  • Apply concepts of critical pedagogy and active learning into online teaching practices.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: Instructional Design, Learning Management Systems

Tutorial Wizardry: Building Interactive Library Tutorials
Mary Ann Cullen, Ann Mallard
Georgia State University

Learn to create interactive tutorials in this hands-on workshop! Begin by creating learning objectives and an assessment strategy, then use storyboarding techniques to develop a plan for your tutorial. Finally, use LibWizard to create a simple practice tutorial. (Springshare is providing a trial LibWizard account to participants so you can practice making more complex tutorials after the workshop.)  Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop but may work in groups with others if they do not have a laptop.  Techniques learned in this workshop will also work with Guide-on-the-Side and other tutorial-building software.

Audience: New to the topic

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will complete the process of planning an interactive tutorial, including writing learning objectives and how to assess performance, using storyboarding to plan the tutorial, and implementing that plan.
  • Participants will use LibWizard software to create a new tutorial, add content to the content window, and create text and quiz content to guide users through their tutorial.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: Instructional Design, Technology & Tools