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17th Distance Library Services Conference: Poster Sessions


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April 20, 2016

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Poster Sessions

An Analysis of Student Satisfaction in an Online Information Literacy Course
Julie Harding, University of Maryland University College
William Denny, California University of Pennsylvania

Ensuring mastery of concepts in an online mandatory information literacy course at a large academic library can be challenging. Looking for ways to improve the course and methods of instruction should be an ongoing consideration. Course evaluations from thirty sections over a three year period will be analyzed to provide answers to the following questions: What do students want from an online information literacy course? What enhances instruction? In addition, a random sample of course evaluations from 2005 to 2014 will be examined to determine how student needs in a distance education environment have changed over a ten year period.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: information literacy, student success, user experience, value/impact

Applying the IDEA Model: Multiple Exploratory Case Studies for Online Information Literacy Integration
Kimberly Mullins, Long Island University Post

The IDEA Model (Mullins, 2014) is an instructional design approach to integrating information literacy content into online courses. The model was used to design a doctorate level blended course. After the course, multiple qualitative assessments were implemented to measure the effectiveness of information literacy integration. Based on the assessment results, the course was redesigned by iteratively reapplying some of the steps. The redesigned course was taught two additional times the following year by the same instructor.  Assessments were again implemented and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of information literacy integration within the redesigned course.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: instructional design, information literacy, instruction

Becoming a Good Neighbor: Befriending Instructional Designers and Campus Distance Learning Folks
Anita Waltz, Stefanie Metko
Virginia Tech

Are you leery regarding potential turf battles over online learning? Are you wondering what you can do to extend the reach of your talented library employees, rich library resources, and helpful library services while working within organizational and technical systems where you lack a direct reporting line? See and hear personal, political, and technical "lessons learned" by one academic librarian tasked with building a good working relationship outside the library with the campus's educational technologies unit responsible for the campus LMS, instructional design, innovation lab, and educational-technology faculty development.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: collaboration

Bird's Eye View: A Systematic Evaluation of Library Services to Distance Students
Mou Chakraborty, Salisbury University

Thinking of revamping your distance library services? Do you want to avoid the pitfalls? Check out this poster before you start your own as it details the recent evaluation of the entire distance library services at Salisbury University Libraries. It reports results of a survey, Distance Education Task Force’s report, updated Distance Learners LibGuide, systematic analysis of services offered to the online courses in the current semester and future directions. Both beginners and seasoned librarians offering services to distance students will benefit from the information shared since the poster serves as the snapshot of the services Salisbury University Libraries offers.

Track: Assessment
Tags: getting started, collaboration, information literacy, outreach/engagement

Blended Learning: Mixing up Information Literacy Instruction Online and in the Classroom
Nia Lam, Alyssa Berger, Julie Planchon Wolf, Ana Villar
University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College

How can librarians integrate information literacy across the curriculum, particularly at the upper-division level, in a sustainable and scalable way? This poster will detail our strategies for embedding information literacy into Canvas in support of both on-campus and distance learners in disciplines like Computer Science, Communication Studies, and Nursing. Embedding information literacy into Canvas has allowed us to replace some classroom instruction and streamline information literacy in core courses. A blended learning approach has multiple benefits, such as saving time in the long run, getting transfer students quickly up to speed, and making class time more interactive.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: learning management systems, information literacy, instruction

Bridging the Gap: Connecting with Distance Students Through Instructional Webinars
Kristin White, Rebecca Nowicki
Ashford University

How can libraries provide scalable instruction at a distance that encourages student engagement and builds community? Learn about one library’s experience developing, marketing, and assessing a series of instructional webinars for a large population of distance students. These webinars have offered a solution to the problem of efficiently and effectively providing library instruction to a large number of distance students who were previously being under-served and have helped create a sense of community among students dispersed across the country and even around the world.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: instruction, information literacy, outreach/engagement

Community Research Assignment for Online Information Literacy Classes
Theresa McDevitt, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Colleges and universities recognize that strong information literacy skills are essential to student success but students are often not convinced of the importance or that they do not already possess excellent information literacy skills. How do instructors in information literacy courses motivate students to recognize their importance and use the skills to learn more and help others? The answer may be community researcher service learning portfolio assignment. This poster will discuss the impact of this and other service learning assignments, the reaction of students to the assignment, the assignment itself and the steps necessary to include in an online class. 

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: instruction, community/civic engagemen

Dangled Carrots and Measuring Sticks: Motivating Online Learners in Self-Enroll Library Instruction
Jody Nelson, Joan Morrison, Lindsey Whitson
MacEwan University

Have you built an online tutorial and are now struggling to get students to complete or even visit it?! Join us at our poster presentation to learn why over 4000 students voluntarily enrolled themselves into our online library tutorials, and what this has taught us about incentives, faculty promotion and student motivation! Get a snapshot of how diverse strategies contributed to the rates of student enrollment and completion across 5 discipline-specific IL tutorials: Nursing, Psychology, Classic, History & English. Go away with ideas for securing instructional faculty engagement for promoting and incentivizing self-enroll tutorial opportunities.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: instructional design, information literacy, learning management systems, outreach/engagement

Discussions at a Distance: Focus Groups and the Distance Library User
Erin Davis, Utah State University

How can we gauge whether distance users’ research needs are being met if we rarely see them in person? Aside from consultations and occasional classes, few patrons from our regional campuses get an opportunity to have their voices heard. This poster will address a unique way to ensure our distance patrons’ needs are met. Our user-centered approach to solicit student feedback involved conducting focus groups at our regional campuses and small commuter campuses. Findings regarding our library website and services will benefit other libraries who are looking for innovative ways to engage with their distance patrons.

Track: Assessment
Tags: user experience, innovation, outreach/engagement, student success

Goin' to That Big Reference Desk in the Sky: Impacts & Implications of a Robust Virtual Reference Service (panel II) (panel III) (handout)
Sarah E. Fancher, Saint Louis University

Location, location, location! Just as the placement and visibility of a physical service point in the library can have an impact on patron use of reference services, the main library at a medium-sized Midwestern university noted that strategic placement of virtual reference (chat) widgets at the "point of need," embedded within the library catalog and some article databases, drove an immediate and sustained increase in chat traffic. In fact, the largest share of reference interactions at this largely residential campus now occur via chat.

Track: Emerging Technologies
Tags: mobile technologies

Let's Look at the Numbers: A Comparison of On-Campus and Distance Students' Bibliographies
Melanee Vicedo, University of Southern California

Do distance students use similar resources as on-campus students when completing the same assignment? Is the library providing online graduate students, who are expected to do a high level of research, with relevant resources? This poster highlights a study that examined the bibliographies of student papers from an online and on-campus social work program. The study evaluates how relevant the library’s collections were to the research needs of the students on both locations. The project focused on a large, private university that offers an online and on-campus Master in Social Work degree. Both programs share the same curriculum and assignments.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: collection development, access, discovery

A Librarian Logs Into an Online Course: The Impact of a Librarian Facilitator on Distance Student Research Skills (handout)
Jamie Dwyer, University of Illinois at Chicago

What do you do when one of your liaison departments offers their own information literacy course? You help revise the curriculum and start facilitating! Can a librarian build a following by teaching in an online course offered through another department? Is it worthwhile to continue such a time-consuming endeavor to provide feedback to 60 students per year in addition to maintaining other liaison responsibilities? Has the use of subject-related library resources increased with librarian involvement? After five 8-week terms of course development and co-facilitation, the results are in and will be explored.

Tracks: Teaching & Learning
Tags: instruction, collaboration, information literacy, instructional design

Library Materials for Students Near and Far: Delivering Resources No Matter the Distance Through ILLiad Customization
Jessica Bower, Chapman University

Looking to provide online and distance students with library materials? Our small liberal arts university is able to provide a seamless document delivery and interlibrary loan service to our patrons attending courses across twenty six campuses, including a growing online campus. Check out this poster session to find out how we circulate library materials from desktop to doorstep through ILLiad customization. Learn our story, our method, and our best practices.

Tracks: Emerging Technologies
Tags: access, electronic resources, getting started, user experience

Nevermind the Distance; Study Anyone: Distance Students, Remote Usability and UX Research Tools
Heather Dalal, Amy Kimura, Rider University
Shaun Ellis, Princeton University

Technology has made it easier to conduct usability studies and study student research behavior. We tested out varying tools to find what would work best for to capture our students’ experiences using the libraries’ website and databases. This way distance students can be priority participants in our research. This poster will give a comparison of different tools, our preferred research method, and discuss what has worked best in terms of getting student participation and useful data. Additionally, this poster will highlight how these videos recordings have engaged faculty to partner more with librarians on research and information literacy instruction. 

Tracks: Emerging Technologies
Tags: user experience, information literacy, outreach/engagement

OER: A Cycle of Discovery, Development and Practice
Kristin M. Woodward, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Caitlin Benallack, Baker College of Muskegon

Open Education Resources are any type of learning object that can be reused under open license. In order to grow our embedded information literacy program and keep pace with the rapid expansion of online degree programs like the UW System Flex Option at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we strategically reuse OER in our online instructional practice. In this poster we examine the cycle of Discovery, Development and Practice that has emerged as a result of our engagement with OER. We propose this cycle as a model for library engagement with OER that facilitates scale in a growing instructional practice.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: information literacy, instructional design

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: The Lifecycle of a Reference Question (handout)
Denise Gullikson, Mohave Community College
​Dana Shreve, Grand Canyon University

Tired of the library inbox and phones being polluted with repeat questions? Then we have the solution for you: create a webinar. See how one library took a popular question and recycled it into a weekly webinar. You, too, can reduce the number of times you have to answer the same question over and over. Reusing the information and resources already at hand, we can help with the transformation from question to webinar.

Track: Teaching & Learning
Tags: information literacy, first-year experience, instruction, student success

Usability and You: Website Usability Testing @ Your Institution (handout) (handout)
Kathleen Phillips, Lynne Edington
Marshall University

Is your library’s website performing to the best of its capabilities? Do your users find it easily accessible or impossible to navigate? Designing and implementing a website usability test is important for those seeking to update their library’s virtual presence and can be accomplished in a few simple steps for little or no cost.

Track: Assessment
Tags: user experience, accessibility, innovation, mobile technologies

Website Redesign on a Skeleton Crew
Brighid M. Gonzales, Our Lady of the Lake University

Does your library website need a complete revamp but you’re concerned you don’t have the staff or the budget to get it done? Learn how a small academic library with limited staff and financial resources can undertake a major website redesign process and come out the other side with a useful, usable, and modern website.

Track: Emerging Technologies
Tags: user experience, discovery, multimedia development, type of library

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